Winding machine VCOK-2

Wrapping machine brand VCOK-2

Machine purpose

The vertical central winding machine "VCOK-2" is designed for applying cordel-polystyrene and cordel-paper insulation.

Machine composition

  1. Tape head - 1 pc
  2. Thread wrapper head - 1 pc
  3. Traction device - 1 pc.
  4. Receiver - 1 pc.
  5. Compensator - 1 pc.
  6. Siemens-based control system - 1 pc
  7. Frame - 1 pc.

The machine is shipped without a dispenser. The composition includes guide rollers for accepting the core from the coil. Other options are possible upon agreement with the Customer.


Machine output, m/min 24
Number of wrappers, pcs 2
Rotational speed, rpm:
- tape wrapper 3000
- thread wrapper 4000
Wrapper rotation direction reverse
Diameter of wrapped cores, mm 1.9…2.9
Wrapping pitches, mm
- cordel 5…6
- tape 15…19
The winding pitch is set from the operator panel
Discrete setting of winding pitch, mm 0,1
Acceleration time to operating speed, s 20
Emergency stop time of the machine, s, no more than 3
Wrapper speed in filling mode, min-1 25-30
Cordel dispenser (on wrapper):
- outside diameter, mm 115-110
- bobbin height, mm no more than 85
- axle hole diameter, mm 25
Tape dispenser (on wrapper):
- outside diameter, mm max. 250
- inner diameter, mm 75
- belt width, mm max. 16
Polystyrene thread tension, kg on wrappers:
#1 1,2
#2 1,2
Take-up coil dimensions:
- cheek diameter, mm 400
- neck diameter, mm 150
- neck length, mm 228
- total coil width, mm 265
- axle hole diameter, mm 30
Plastic coil DIN46395
- length, mm 1810
- width, mm 960
- height, mm 2250
Mass, kg 1050

Design features

The wrapper head drives are designed to transfer rotation to the wrapper heads.

The head of the tape wrapper ensures that the wire is wrapped with a tape with a given, constant tension (there is no tension compensation mechanism on the head when the diameter of the coil decreases). The wrapping head is equipped with a film tearing machine. Installed calibers and guide rollers, excluding the tucking of the tape.

The head of the thread wrapper ensures that the wire is wrapped with a cordel with a given constant tension (there is no tension compensation mechanism on the head when the diameter of the spool decreases). There is no thread breaker on the thread wrapper head.

The traction device ensures the linear movement of the wire along the machine at a given speed. The rollers of the traction device exclude jamming of the insulation and shell of the workpiece. Wire diameter up to 3.5 mm.

In the drives of the traction device and heads, asynchronous electric motors with Siemens frequency converters are used (that is, during acceleration and deceleration, a slight change in the winding pitch is possible).

The receiving device provides for receiving and laying the finished wire on the receiving coil with a given tension and layout along the width of the coil.

The control system is made on the basis of the controller and the operator panel of the company "Siemens". The system provides: setting and maintaining the wrapping step on each wrapper. The settings are made using the control panel. The settings are written to non-volatile memory and are retained when the machine is turned off. Soft start is provided in the drive control system of the machine. The operator panel provides digital indication of the following parameters: wire linear speed; wire footage.

The machine is equipped with light indication: machine operation, machine stop (including when the tapes break or end).

Paint color:

  • machine body: blue;
  • moving parts of the car: yellow and red;
  • Electrical cabinet: grey.