Vertical tape winding machine VCO-2

VCO-2 vertical tape winding machine

The machine is designed for applying mica-containing tape on a copper conductor of round cross section.

Composition of the machine:

Dispenser with motorized lift, right and left arms, with steering wheel. The speed is controlled using a compensator - 1 pc.

Compensator to control wire tension and speed - 2 pcs.

Column with two central tape wrappers and a traction device - 1 pc.

Tank with motorized lift, right and left brackets, with guide wheel. The speed is controlled by a compensator. The device is equipped with a wire guide system with adjustable lay-up pitch from the electronic control system - 1 pc.

Electronic machine control system - 1 pc.

Technical Specifications of the Vertical Tape Winder

Wire diameter, mm 0.5…3.5
Number of insulating tapes, pcs 2
Ribbon circle dimensions, mm
width 4…12
thickness 0.11…0.12
outside diameter 400
Inner diameter 76
weight of the tape mug, kg 2.5
Tape overlap during wrapping, % 20…60
Belt pitch, mm 4…40
Pitch resolution, mm 0,1
Tape tension, N 3…15
Holes for the passage of the core, mm 19
Maximum speed of the tape wrapper head, rpm 2500
Drive power of each tape winding head, kW 2,2
Maximum wire linear speed, m/min up to 60
Traction wheel diameter, mm 475
Drive power of the traction device, kW 0.75

Video of VCO-2 vertical tape winding machine in operation

Launch of ECU-2

Video of the work of vertical tape winding machines manufactured by the Penztekstilmash plant on various lines for the production of cable products