Installation of rewinding of steel tapes UPSL-8

UPSL-8 is designed to rewind rolls of steel tapes for installation on armored vehicles in technological lines of cable production.


Belt materialsteel
Belt thickness0.2-0.5mm
Belt width20-55mm
Max mug weight200 kg
Reel inner diameter at unwind76; 175; 270 mm
Reel inner diameter76; 175; 270 mm
Reel outside diameter when wound up790 mm
Shaft arrangementhorizontal
Number of shafts2
Payback brake typefriction/belt
Belt tensionadjustable
Winding speed10-130 rpm
Rewind speed adjustmentsmooth
Type of winding faceplate driveac/gear motor
Drive power1.5 kW
Connecting the unit to the mainsvia an industrial power connector

Hardware specifications

- the design of the giving and receiving faceplate should provide the ability to remove the wound circle using a hoist;

- the design of the machine should provide for the possibility of ensuring the tension of the tape using a system of rollers;

- nozzles must be able to be dismantled after rewinding the tape;

- the machine must ensure smooth winding. The accuracy of winding the end of the circle should be no more than + 1.0 mm along the entire length and no more than 0.5 mm of individual turns of the tape;

- the constructive placement of the machine elements should ensure the possibility of welding the mug tape at the end of the wound mug.