Cable test stand in the track chain SPTC-70


The cable test stand in the track chain SPTC-70 simulates the operation of a mine cable in the track chain to test the strength of the cable.

SPTC-70 technical characteristics

Tested cable diameter, mm55 - 70
Number of cycles in test series1,000 - 50,000
Width of cable track, mm210
Slide length, mm20 000
Speed ??of movement of carriage with cable-laying machine, m/min0 - 5
Cable tension, N280
Power Supply, V380
Overall dimensions, mm
  length23 920
  width2 820
Machine weight, kg4 287

Design features of SPTC-70

The cable is mounted in a track chain with its ends secured with clamps on a movable carriage (above) and a fixed bracket at the bottom of the device. Installation is also allowed when the track chain is removed from the carriage and bracket, outside the device, with subsequent placement in the casing and installation.

Moving the carriage produces an email. engine through a gearbox and a cable-block transmission.

The movement of the carriage is fixed and reversed using contactless sensors.

Emergency stop of the carriage with the track chain and cable is made by the emergency stop buttons located on the electrical cabinet and the fence.

To control the device, a remote control is placed on the door of the electrical cabinet.

To prevent accidents, the stand is placed behind a fence with an entrance door, the opening of which blocks the operation of the device.

Photos of SPTC-70

Cable test video