Twisting machine С-4

S-4 twisting machine

The C-4 machine is designed for twisting insulated cores of 2, 3 and 4-core installation wires with fluoroplastic insulation from sintered film SKLF-4D (PTFE) and oriented fluoroplastic film - 4 grade EO (Teflon) . Capacity up to 50 m/min.

Technical specifications of twister C-4

Machine typelantern twister with twist-off
Number of output coils 4
Linear stranding speed up to 50 m/min
Twist direction reverse (right and left)
Twist pitches from 10 to 150 mm
Number of turns of the headlamp up to 339 rpm
Preset parameters
Insulated core diameter 0.25* to 2.5 mm
Conductor section from 0.03* to 0.75 mm2
Twisted workpiece diameter up to 8 mm
Sending and receiving tare parameters
Metal coil 4…20
cheek diameter, mm 270
tummy diameter, mm 82
axle diameter, mm 36
cheek spacing,(inner) mm 130
cheek spacing,(outer) mm 150
Receiving container
plastic coil No. 250 TU 16-507.000-82
metal and plastic drums (cheek diameter up to 500 mm)
diameter for – 56 mm, distance between cheeks – 290 mm
Additional requirements
presence of wire breaker
the presence of a system of automatic maintenance of the specified tension for: up to 10 kg) with an accuracy of maintaining tension no more than 10%.
smooth start of the twisting machine
machine stop indication
display speed, footage counter, flashlight revolutions on the control panel.
the display of the workpiece tension on the output coils is carried out on the scales of the brake devices.

C-4 stranding machine operation video