Receiving device PTU-1400V

Machine purpose

A traverse-type receiving device is designed to wind a wire or cable onto a receiving drum.


Drum web diameter, mm630…1400
Drum neck diameter, mm, min355
Total drum width, mm375-1060
Drum weight, kg, max3200
Tension, N300
Nesting pitch, mm4…35
Maximum linear speed, m/min360
Drum drive, kW7.5

Design features

The device consists of two racks interconnected by a guide tube and a rack reduction mechanism. To move the drum, as well as clamping - unclenching the drum, the racks are mounted on rails on wheels.

The drum on the device is clamped in the quills. For lifting - lowering the drum, the quills are mounted on the racks of the device on linear guides. To lift the quills on each rack, screw lifting mechanisms with limit position sensors are provided. The drum clamping mechanism is also equipped with end position sensors.

The drum drive is a helical-bevel motor-reducer with the transfer of drum rotation through the drive quill. When the machine is running, the drum drive operates in the mode of maintaining the tension moment, ensuring the winding of the wire with a given tension. A remote control is provided on the right stand to control the device.

The layout of the wire on the receiving drum is made by moving the drum along the rails. The drive for moving the drum is made on the basis of a gear rack mechanism. To guide the wire, guide rollers are provided, mounted on a separate rack.

The drive of the laying mechanism is a servomotor.

Photos of the receiving device

Video of receiver operation