Winding machine OM-2

The OM-2 winding machine is designed for winding round conductive wires with a diameter of 2 to 8 mm with polymer tapes.

Composition of the machine:

KOUP-1000P Console-type drive pay-off device. The rewind speed is controlled by a compensator. Reel lifting is mechanized - 1 pc.

ВЦО-2.08У Compensator for wire tension and speed control - 2 pcs.

О2-30 Semi-tangential tape wrapper for 2 mugs with insulating material - 1 pc.

TG-800 Caterpillar traction with measuring device - 1 pc.

KPUP-1000 Console-type receiving device. The winding speed is controlled by a compensator. The device is equipped with a screw spreader with adjustment of the spreading step from the electronic control system. Reel lifting is mechanized - 1 pc.

OM-2.68 Electronic machine control system - 1 pc.

Tape wrapper specifications

Diameter of wrapped cores, mmfrom 2 to 8
Wrapping pitches, mmfrom 2.5 to 40
Discreteness of setting the winding pitch, mm0.1
Number of circles with insulating film in a wrapper, pcs2
Insulating film circle dimensions:
Outside diameterup to 300
Inner diameter76
Ribbon width4 to 20
Belt thickness0.012 to 0.2
Tape tension, g300…4000
Maximum wrapper head speed, min-1700*
Wrapping line speed, m/minup to 28**

Wrapper drive - from individual el. AC motor. The winding pitch is set from the operator panel (located on the main control panel mounted on the caterpillar traction). The wrapper is equipped with a tape break sensor.

* In case of uneven threading of the wrapper, the speed should be reduced to 350 rpm.

** The line speed depends on the wrapping pitch and the speed of the wrapping head.

Sender and receiver specifications

Spool web diameter, mm560...1000
Reel neck diameter, mmfrom 200
External coil width, mm310-500
Central hole, mm106, 127
Reel weight, kg, max1000
Installed drive power, kW:
Coil Drive1,1
Elevator drive1,5
Wire spacing, mm1.5…7.5
Discreteness of nesting pitch setting, mm0,1

The spreader drive is a geared motor with asynchronous el. motor and encoder mounted on the spreader screw. The spreader ensures winding of the TPZh without damaging the tape layer.

Crawler Traction Specifications

Cable pulling working area length, mm8000
Maximum pulling force, kg500
Air pressure in the customers pneumatic network, MPaat least 4
Traction driveel. engine

Compensator specifications

Number of pulleys in upper block, pcs2
Number of pulleys in the lower block, pcs1
Pulley diameter, mm380
Wire tension, N5…80
Overall dimensions, m0.87х0.40х1.580
Device weight, kg80

Control system specifications

Measurement error of length gauge no more than1%
Speed meter error no more than5%

The machine control system is based on a Siemens controller and an operator panel.

General Requirements

The machine is manufactured in the right version. The wire runs from right to left, the insulator stands facing the machine. Equipment painting color - blue, rotating parts - yellow.