Tape wrapper O2E-60T

Tape wrapper O2E-60T

Tape wrapper assignment

Half-angular horizontal tape wrapper with electronic tension for heavy circles O2E-60T is designed for winding insulated cores with a diameter of 7 to 60 mm.

Tape wrapper description

Wrapper drive from asynchronous motor. The winding pitch is set from the operator panel, which is located on the main control panel.

On the wrapper there are sensors for the breakage and end of tapes.

The direction of the core through the tape wrapper is carried out using a system of rollers. Adjusting the rollers to a specific size occurs without the use of keys, by hand. The roller system is removable and, if necessary, can be replaced with gauges.

Tape wrapper specifications

Diameter of wrapped wires, mmfrom 7 to 60
Diameter of the through hole in the central tube of the wrapper, mm, not less than72
Wrapping pitches, mmfrom 10 to 150
Discreteness of setting the winding pitch, mm1
Number of tapes placed simultaneously in the wrapper, pcs2
Insulating film materialmica tapes, PET films, aluminum tapes, copper tapes, aluminum foil foils, etc.
Insulating film circle dimensions:
- outer diameterup to 600
- inner diameter76
- ribbon widthfrom 10 to 70
- tape thicknessfrom 0.025 to 0.15
Tape roll weight, kg, max50
Tape tension, H15...150
Number of wrapper head revolutions, min-1:
- with a roll weight of 10 kg600*
- with a roll weight of 20 kg550*
- with a roll weight of 30 kg450*
- with a roll weight of 40 kg400*
- with a roll weight of 50 kg350*
Linear speed during winding, m/minup to 80**
Hoist lifting capacity, kgup to 500***
Belt tension adjustmentelectronic controlled, maintaining constant tension from full to empty roller
Wrapper overall dimensions, mm:
- length3 300
- width1 950 (with hoist 3 200)
- height1 960
Mass, kg1 860

* The maximum rotation speed of the wrapper head is only ensured when the head is evenly filled with insulating tapes!

** The line speed depends on the wrapping pitch and the speed of the wrapping head.

*** Hoist available as an option.

Tape wrapper photos