Tape wrapper O16-50

Tape wrapper O16-50

Machine purpose

The wrapper is designed for applying insulation with paper tapes of the BKM-120,140, ??K-120,140 type; thermal barrier with mica-containing tapes of the Elmicateks-54509 type, PET tapes on aluminum and copper conductors of round or sector shape with a cross section of 10-240 mm 2 of power cables with a voltage of 1 to 10 kV.

Machine composition

Tangential wrapper for 16 tapes with a diameter of circles of insulating material up to 500 mm. consists of a head with 16 plates, a protective fence, an asynchronous electric motor with an encoder and forced cooling, a pneumatic brake device, belt tension regulators and sensors for breaking and ending the tape (for each circle), a sound and light signaling device (andona), a control panel ( for 8 buttons + space for the OP-77A panel), Micromaster 440 electric drive for the electric motor with encoder and profibas panel, braking resistor.


Taper Type Tangential
Number of plates, pcs 16
Maximum head rotation speed, rpm 600
Infinitely variable speed with frequency drive
Power el. wrapper drive motor, kW 7.5
Direction of rotation Right/Left
Section of wrapped cable, mm2 10-240
Workpiece diameter, mm 3.5-21.5
Tape Tensioning Systems Yes
Min. belt tension, g 200
Max. belt tension, g 4500
Tape Break Control Yes
Tape end control Yes
Tape roll dimensions:
- maximum roll diameter, mm 500
- bushing diameter, mm 76
- belt width, mm 8-30
- tape thickness, mm 0.100-0.150
Maximum number of tape rolls, pcs 16
Wrapper execution by wire path Right/Left

Maximum rotation speed of the wrapping head is ensured only with uniform filling with insulating material!

Design features

Support rollers are installed at the entrance to the wrapper and at the exit from the wrapper to hold the insulated core and eliminate its runout.

The tension of paper tapes is adjusted by adjusting the tension constancy mechanisms when installing a roll with paper of various widths and thicknesses.

A pneumobrake is provided to quickly stop the wrapper head when the tape break lock is triggered.

The buttons and the operator panel on the control panel are purchased and installed by the Customer.

The cover of the wrapper guard is opened by a pneumatic cylinder.