Winding machine MO

The winding machine brand "MO" is designed for winding wire with a given tension.

The wire from the output coil, through the tension roller and the turning roller, enters the first winder, where the primary layer of insulation is applied. The wire then enters the second winder where a secondary layer of insulation is applied. After applying the secondary layer of insulation, the wire passes through a trowel, a swivel roller, a traction washer that imparts linear movement to the wire, and enters the receiving coil through the unfolding mechanism.

Specifications of the wrapping machine

Machine output, m/min 0.6…8
Number of wrappers, pcs 2
Speed of rotation of wrappers, rpm
first 500
second 426…866
Diameter of wrapped wires, mm 0.18…2.0
Tension, g 0.7 to 20
Tape take-off, mm
ribbon width 3…12
Circle outside diameter 160
Ring inner diameter 75
tape thickness 40…100
Tape tension, g 40 to 250
Overall dimensions, mm
length 1900
width 600
height 1548
Mass, kg 785

Photos of the wrapping machine

Video of the wrapping machine in operation