Winding machine MO-3

The MO-3 winding machine is designed for winding wires with a diameter of 0.32 to 2.1 mm with a film of the SKLF-4D, F-4, PMF, etc. types with a given tension (the first and third winders - SKLF- 4D, F-4; middle wrapper - PMF).

Machine composition

  • Dispenser with mechanical strain relief - 1 pc
  • Wrapper head drive - 3 pcs
  • Wrapper head - 3 pcs
  • Traction device - 1 pc.
  • Receiving device with a drive - 1 pc.
  • Temperature maintenance system - 1 pc.
  • Control system - 1 pc.
  • Frame - 1 pc.


Machine output, m/min2.3…25.7
Number of wrappers, pcs3
Wrapper rotation speed, rpm920 (max up to 1000)
Wrapper rotation directionreverse
Diameter of wrapped cores, mm0.32…2.1
Diameter of the central hole in the winder for passing the wire, mm7
Tension, gr.75 to 2000
Wrapping pitches, mm1...28
The winding pitch is set from the operator panel
Discrete setting of winding pitch, mm0,1
Temperature in the insulation zone, 0С15+5 *
Installed capacity of the temperature maintenance unit, kW2.7
Acceleration time to operating speed, s10
Machine emergency stop time, s, max3
Wrapper speed in filling mode, min-125-30
Ribbon ejector:
tape width, mm3…20
circle outer diameter, mm200
inner ring diameter, mm75
tape thickness, µm20…100
Tape tension, gr. on wrappers:
#140 to 250
#2300 to 3500
#340 to 250
Tape tension fluctuation during wrappingno more than 8%
Dim coil dimensions:
cheek diameter, mm200-250
tummy diameter, mm125-160
hole diameter, mm22; 36
hole shapetaper 600
outer coil width, mm200
Take-up coil dimensions:
cheek diameter, mm250-500
tummy diameter, mm160-190
hole diameter, mm36; 60
hole shapetaper 600
outer coil width, mm200-260
Traction wheel diameter, mm318
Installed power of drives, kW3,4**
Overall dimensions, indicative**:
length, mm1 810
width, mm960
height, mm2 250
Mass, kg1 050

* This parameter is set considering that the maximum room temperature should not exceed 25°C.

** Not including temperature maintenance system.