Insulating armoring machine MIB-4

Insulating armoring machine MIB-4 is designed for the manufacture of armored power cables.

Composition of the machine:

  1. OTU-2200P pay-off device - 1 pc.
  2. O4-70 wrapper - 1 pc.
  3. Armored wrapper Br2-80 - 1 piece
  4. Traction wheel TK-2000 - 1 pc.
  5. Receiving device PTU-2200 - 1 pc.
  6. Electrical equipment with controller - 1 pc

Sending and receiving devices

Receiving and releasing devices are active (driven) traverse type.

Dispenser brandOTU-2200P
Brand of receiverPTU-2200
Diameter of the web of installed drums, mmfrom 1200 to 2200
Total drum width, mm.from 500 to 1700
Nesting pitch, mm.from 10 to 85
Maximum weight of the core drum, kg.8 000
Linear winding speed, m/minup to 50

Cable tension torque is controlled by an AC motor. The drive is controlled by the controller through a frequency converter.

The tension of the wire on the pay-off device is controlled by the drum drive (the drive operates in constant torque mode). The wire tension is set from the operator panel as a percentage of the maximum value. The brake provides smooth adjustment of the braking torque and smooth unwinding of the wire from the drum.

The drive for winding the wire onto the drum on the receiving device operates in the constant torque mode. The wire tension is set from the operator panel as a percentage of the maximum value.

Wire layout mechanism on the receiving device - the layout is carried out due to the transverse movement of the drum relative to the fixed guide rollers installed separately from the device on the foundation.

The pay-off device provides straight-line winding of the wire (when winding the wire, the device with the drum moves along the rails under the control of additional deflected rollers with sensors).

The drives of the reels of the receiving and releasing devices are equipped with electromagnetic brakes to hold the reels when the line stops.

Traction wheel TK-2000

The TK-2000 tie rod is designed to pull wire along a horizontal or vertical machine at a certain linear speed. Traction eliminates wire slippage during operation. The wire remains taut even when the machine is stopped.

Tie Rod Specifications

Wheel diameter, mm.2000
Number of wheels2
Number of passes3
Diameter of the cable being pulled, mm.10…85
Linear speed of wire, m/min.50
Traction traction wheels with stream radius, mm.not less than 50

Tape wrapper О4-70

The tape wrapper is designed for applying tape insulation up to four tapes per core.


The head of the tape wrapper is mounted on ball bearings on a hollow shaft mounted cantilevered on a stand. The wrapper head is driven by a toothed belt from an individual servomotor with speed control. The tape wrapper is equipped with a pneumatic disc brake. The brake is activated, braking the wrapper when the machine stops in an emergency, and releases the wrapper after stopping.

In the head of the wrapper, four circles of insulating tape are installed on four sockets and there are mechanisms (for each circle of tape): to maintain a constant tension of the insulating tapes as the circles with insulating tapes are unwound; interlocks to quickly stop the machine when the tape breaks and soft stop the machine when the tape ends. A circle with an insulating tape is attached to the axis of the outlet by a clamp with a lock.

To the left and right of the place where the insulating tape is applied, there are sliding support rollers that can be easily adjusted to the desired size.

The head of the wrapper is covered by a safety guard. Blocking of the wrapper operation when the guard is open is provided. Lighting is provided in the insulation zone.

Tape wrapper specifications

Diameter of wrapped cores, mm.from 10 to 85
Diameter of the through hole in the central tube of the wrapper, mm, not less than100
Wrapping pitches, mm.from 10 to 100
Discreteness of setting the winding pitch, mm.0.1
Number of tapes placed simultaneously in the wrapper, pcs4
Insulating materialcable paper, polyethylene film, crepe paper
Insulating film circle dimensions:
- outer diameter, mm.up to 700
- inner diameter, mm.76
Tape width, mm.from 30 to 90
Tape thickness, mm.from 0.035 to 0.23
Tape tension, N.3…40
Linear speed during winding, m/min.up to 50*
Number of wrapper head revolutions, min.-1up to 500**

*The line speed depends on the wrapping pitch and the speed of the wrapping head. Wrapper drive - from an individual servomotor. The wrapping pitch is set from the operator panel (located on the main control panel installed near the armored wrapper.

**When working with an unevenly filled wrapper head (1 or 3 tapes, mugs with tape with a large difference in weight, etc.), the permissible rotational speed of the wrapper head is not more than 350 rpm .

Armored wrapper Br2-80

Technical characteristics of the armored wrapper

Workpiece diameter, mm.from 15 to 85
Diameter of the through hole in the central tube of the wrapper, mm, not less than100
Number of rolls2
Maximum wrapper head speed, rpm400
Maximum armor spacing, mm.200
Minimum armor spacing, mm.20
Maximum linear speed, m/min50
Tape thickness, mm.from 0.2 to 0.5
Tape width, mm.from 25 to 60
Internal diameter of a roll with armor tape, mm.190-200
Maximum outer diameter of a roll with armor tape, mm.800
Armored wrapper plate designto be agreed during manufacturing
Maximum weight of a roll with armor tape, kg.170
Armor tape tension force, N.from 25 to 800

Electrical equipment and control system

The machine control system is based on a controller and an operator panel and provides high-precision synchronization between the traction device and the heads of all wrappers using a digital electric axis. The wrapping step, frequency and direction of rotation of the wrapping heads are set by the operator from the operator panel and provided by the controller.

Composition of the basic equipment of the control system:

  • Siemens CPU-1214C control controller and KTP600 operator panel;
  • Siemens servomotors for the heads of wrappers and traction;
  • motor-reducers of the company "TOS ZNOEMO".

Control system specifications

Wrapper head rotation directionleft and right (reversible)
Measurement error of the length meter, %1
Speed ??meter error, %5

Photos of the insulating armored vehicle MIB-4

Video of the operation of the MIB-4 insulating armored vehicle