Rewinding and coiling line LPB-1000-400-10

Rewind and rewind line

The line for rewinding and coiling LPB-1000-400-10 is designed for rewinding and coiling a LAN cable (single-position coiler).

Line composition by rewind

  1. Console active pay-off device KOUP-1000P - 1 pc.;
  2. KR-735-10 lever-type compensator (seven rollers, diameter 350 mm and for cable tension up to 100 N) - 1 pc.;
  3. Bay receiving device BPU-400. With one coiling drum - 1 piece;
  4. Counting device with footage counter - 1 pc.;
  5. Control cabinet with control system based on Siemens controller and operator panel - 1 pc.;
  6. Connecting cables between control cabinet and line nodes - 1 set


Cable diameter, mmfrom 3 to 10
Rewind speed, m/min10…100
Dimensions of coil to be wound, mm
Outer diameterup to 400
Inside Diameter180

Energy requirements

Ambient temperature, °С10-40
Relative humidity, %10-90
Power supply3x380V, 50Hz

More Options

Cable sheath material: polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

In the pay-off device KOUP-1000P, on the base on two axes, the body of the quills is mounted with the drive and clamping quills fixed on it.

The coil is clamped by a pneumatic cylinder installed in the clamping quill.

To facilitate the installation of the coil on the drive quill, a movable platform is provided.

To lift the coil, the device has a screw lifter driven by a special geared motor with a thrust bearing on the output shaft.

The coil drive is a worm gear motor for transmitting rotation to the coil through the drive quill.

During the operation of the machine, the coil drive operates in the mode of unwinding the wire under the control of the compensator, ensuring the unwinding of the core with a given tension.

To control the device, a remote control is provided on the right side of the quill body.

Counting device with an electronic type meter for determining the actual length of the cable with the following parameters:

  1. measurement accuracy ±0.5%;
  2. resolution 0.1 m;
  3. measurement range from 0 to 10,000 m;
  4. Possibility to adjust the measured length.

Single-position chute.

Receiving device with a coil receiver with a special cable lay-out mechanism that provides cable laying in an easy-to-unwind coil out of the box.

The coil-receiving device includes a latch for manually fixing the cut end of the wire during refilling (the end of the wire is fixed from the moment of cutting until the moment the end is inserted into the hole in the coil-receiving drum - at this time the operator removes the wound coil).

Control and synchronization system for the line operation based on a Siemens controller and operator panel.

The clamping / unclamping of the pressure plate is automatic. The operator cuts the wire, installs the end of the wire and removes the coil manually.

The control system provides cable layout on the receiving device, maintains a constant speed of rewinding the LAN cable, regardless of the winding diameter. It is possible to rewind the specified length of the LAN cable.

The execution of the machine is left. The cable runs from the left (sending device) to the right (receiving device) from the side of the service area (the operator is facing the machine).

The color of the machine body is blue, the moving parts of the machine are yellow, the electrical cabinet is grey.

Video of the cable rewinding and coiling line