Receiving device KPUE-650SM-RB-TR

KPUE-650 receiving device

Product overview

A console-type receiving device with an electromechanical coil clamp and a motorized coil lift is designed for winding a rectangular core and can be used as part of a drawing line or other technological equipment.


Wind speed, m/min500 (400)
Dimensions of wound cores, mm:
Spool web diameter, mm590…630
Reel neck diameter, mm160…219
Internal coil width, mm250…370
External coil width, mm285…480
Central hole, mm100
Reel weight, kg, max1000
Installed drive power, kW:
  coil drive11 (22)
  hoist drive1,1
  coil clamp drive0.55
Wire spacing, mm1.5…30
Nesting step resolution, mm0,1
Spreader driveservo gear motor
Overall dimensions*, m2.32x2.52x1.48
Device weight, kg1720

* Without electric cabinet.

Video of receiver operation