Receiving device KPU-1250S

Destination of the machine

A receiving device with an individual spreader drive for a VN 10A drawing machine (installation on the territory of the EKZ JSC plant) for winding wire on a metal drum No. 12.

Included in delivery

  1. KPU-1250C receiver -1 pc.
  2. Compensator KR135-10 - 1 pc.
  3. Control system - 1 pc.


Metal take-up drum dimensions:
- cheek diameter, mm1250
- neck diameter, mm750, 600
- neck length, mm590, 800
- overall length, mm740, 950
- hole diameter, mm80
Mass of wire drum, kg1000
Rewind speed, m/s9, adjustable
Acceptable wire diameter range, mm 3.00 - 8.00
Clamping the drumusing cones
Deceleration time, max, sec5

Materials used for winding on the take-up device:

  • aluminum wire with a diameter of 3.0-8.0 mm;
  • Aluminum alloy wire with a diameter of 3.0-5.0 mm.

Synchronization with the drawing machine is ensured by maintaining a constant tension with the compensator.

An electromagnetic brake is provided to stop the drum during an emergency stop.

Unfolding device - with automatic setting of the layout width, with a constant step.

Vibration control (speed reduction until vibration attenuation and line stop), vibration frequency display on the operator panel.

Tension - adjustable, constant, maintained, from 7 kg to 90 kg (approx., subject to agreement). Maintaining a constant tension on the wire, regardless of the degree of filling of the drum and line speed. The tension is maintained by a compensator (set by the compressed air pressure regulator).

Synchronization of the speed of the receiver, according to the speed of the drawing machine with wire tension control.

The spreading mechanism is driven by a servomotor. The spreading speed adapts to the speed of the reel. The layout step is set and adjustable.

Fixing the drum with quills mounted on columns. A set of quills (for one type of drums) is included in the delivery. Control of the pressure of the quills on the drum using a torque limiter.

Control functions - break sensor.

Equipment management system

The control system is based on a controller and an operator panel.

The remote control is installed separately, with a touch panel.

The possibility of adjusting the quills in the horizontal direction, by means of an electric drive.

Raising and lowering the drum by electric drive.

Braking, adjusting and maintaining the tension of the wound wire should be in automatic and manual mode from the operator panel of the drawing machine.

Photos of the receiving device