Torsion head GK3-270

Torsion head GK3-270

The head is designed for twisting steel wire.

Technical specifications of the torsion head

Machine typelantern twisting machine with twist-off
Number of output coils3
Twist directionreverse (right or left)
Twist pitches, mmfrom 10 to 150
Number of revolutions of the lantern up to, rpm340*
Tension of the core on the output devices, kgfrom 0.2 to 3.0
Tension of the twisted workpiece, kgfrom 0.3 to 10
Blank parameters:
 Steel wiressoft (annealed)
 Wire diameter, mm0.34
Dispensing tare parameters:
 Metal coil with dimensions, mm:
  Cheek diameter270
  Tummy diameter82
  Axle diameter36
  Cheek spacing (internal)130
  Cheek spacing (outside)150
Installed power, kW3.0
Machine dimensions, mm:
Machine weight, kg1200

* When twisting 2 wires, the number of revolutions of the lamp is not more than 100 min-1. It is recommended to install a load with a weight of 0.5 of the weight of the coil with wire in an empty cradle of the machine to avoid increased vibrations.

Video of the operation of the GK3-270 torsion head