Six-way machine 6SP-0,32-240 for unwinding wire

The machine is designed for unwinding wire from the output coil to the coils of twisting machines.


  1. Flyer-type pay-off device - 6 pcs
  2. Active pay-off device for unwinding from reels - 6 pcs
  3. Guide rollers with wiper, compensator and measuring wheel - 6 pcs
  4. Receiving device with spreader on a smooth shaft - 6 pcs
  5. Machine base (metal table) - 1 pc.
  6. Electrical equipment - 1 pc.


Number of independent moves6
Wire materials:
- copper (soft and hard) and copper alloys with tin, nickel and silver coating;
- aluminum and aluminum alloys with tin, nickel and silver coating;
- steel and enameled wires.
Rewindable wire diameter, mmfrom 0.1 to 0.32
Dispensing container dimensions, mm:
- KA-235/190/120 hole diameter 180, total coil length 140; (flyer)
- KA-240/190/55 hole diameter 175, total coil length 70; (flyer)
- KP-125/64/120 hole diameter 42, total coil length 140;
- КА-100/56/92 hole diameter 36, total coil length 110;
- KA-110/90/82 hole diameter 76, total coil length 98;
Weight of dispensing container with wire, kgfrom 1 to 13
Receiving container dimensions, mm:
- КА-100/40/63 hole diameter 12, total coil length 80;
- КА-120/40/63 hole diameter 12, total coil length 80;
- КА-100/40/56 hole diameter 28, total coil length 80;
Weight of receiving container with wire, kgfrom 1.6 to 3.3
Rewind speed: 16 to 200 m/min (for flyer feeder up to 120 m/min). The machine must be stable throughout the entire speed range.

Design features of each machine stroke

1. Each stroke of the machine has individual drives and a control panel with indication of the current length of winding on the take-up spool and the linear speed of rewinding for a given stroke. After turning on the machine stroke, the take-up spool smoothly accelerates to the specified range of the operating rewind speed. The speed, tension and footage adjuster is located on the control panel. The operating speed range of the rewind, wire tension and footage are set independently for each stroke.

During the winding process, as the diameter on the take-up spool increases, the frequency of the spool gradually decreases, ensuring that the rewind speed is maintained within the specified range. As it approaches the set value of the footage, the receiving device slows down, and when the set value is reached, it stops. The tension of the wire during rewinding remains constant.

2. Wire break sensors are provided with a quick stop when the wire breaks or completely leaves the output coil. Excessive tension sensors are also provided to prevent wire breakage at increased tension.

3. For laying out the wire on the receiving spool, a spreader based on a transmission mechanism with a smooth shaft from Uhing is provided, which provides individual adjustment of the laying step. The device provides in-line nesting with a nesting pitch range of 0.09-0.33 mm. Step resolution 0.01 mm.

4. There is a meter/speed counter based on a measuring wheel and two SI8 impulse counters. One counter shows the rewinding speed in m/min, and the second counter shows the wire run time on the take-up spool in meters.

5. On the pay-off device of the flyer type, the rotating part is braked by a mechanical brake.

6. Wire tension during rewinding from 50 to 500 gr.

7. Wiping involves the use of cotton cloth and non-woven material to clean the surface of the wire.

8. The sender and receiver must be equipped with quick-release locks.

General Requirements

1. Maintenance of the machine by the operator is one-sided, except for flyer feeders (served from behind the machine).

2. The guide rollers must have wear-resistant ceramic inserts.

3. Removal and installation of the receiving and outgoing containers, as well as work when rewinding the wire, must be carried out independently at each stroke without interfering with the operation of the other strokes of the machine.

4. The customer provides the Contractor with drawings or sketches for all coils used with the machine. The delivery set includes interchangeable centers for installing the coils provided for in this specification.

5. Paint color:

- fixed parts - grey.

- rotating and moving parts - yellow, red.

- panels, consoles and cabinets of electrical equipment - grey.

Color is agreed with the Customer.